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8 Vegan Comfort Food Recipes To Try This Veganuary

8 Vegan Comfort Food Recipes To Try This Veganuary

Last year a record 400,000 people worldwide signed up to the Veganuary movement, according to the campaign. And it’s projected to be their biggest year ever in 2021, due to a surge in consumers tucking into more plant-based foods during lockdown and greater concern about health and the environment.

When it comes to the perfect match, winter and comfort food is right up there. There’s nothing quite like coming—or staying—in from the cold and cooking up a tasty, warming dish to comfort the soul.

So, light some candles, pop the fire on, and get those taste buds ready! Here are our favourite vegan comfort food recipes from around the web for a cosy night in this Veganuary.

1. Lemon Tendercake with Blueberry Compote

Recipe by Nigella Lawson

Nigella says: This cake has a miraculous texture – almost like a super-aerated fluffy pancake – and a delicate flavour; it is scented with lemon rather than tingling with it. And even though there is coconut milk in the cake, this comes through as sweetness rather than tropical exuberance. For all that it is a tripartite affair, it is ridiculously easy to make: the perfect pudding when friends come round for supper. And did I mention that it is vegan?

Review:This cake is every bit as easy to prepare as suggested. Nice to know it’s vegan, but I’ll be offering it to everyone just because it’s truly delicious.” – Karen Foster


2. Coconut & Lentil Dahl

Recipe by Deliciously Ella

Ella says: This is one of my favourite warming dishes. Cooking the lentils in coconut milk makes each bite much creamier, while the tomatoes, cumin, paprika, chilli and curry powder add such a lovely blend of flavours.


3. Vegan Wholemeal Pancakes with Peanut Butter Drizzle and Caramelised Banana

Recipe by Niomi Smart

Niomi says: The pancakes are incredibly easy to make, and it takes no time at all to get them right. A good drizzle of salted caramel peanut butter sauce and caramelised bananas, and we’re onto a winner. I used dates to sweeten the sauce, and coconut oil to caramelise the bananas. It’s such a simple recipe, but one that really ups the pancake game.


4. Spaghetti Squash Pasta with Garlicky Alfredo Sauce

Recipe by Minimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker says: If you’re looking for a lighter way to indulge in cheesy alfredo pasta, look no further than this 8-ingredient spaghetti squash pasta. It’s easy to make and features a creamy, garlicky, and (undetectably) vegan alfredo sauce. 

Review: “This was really easy and really tasty! If you like garlic, you will enjoy the sauce a lot! Thanks for the recipe.” – Katherine Percival


5. Apple & Blackberry Crumble

Recipe by Deliciously Ella

Ella says: This crumble may be my go-to dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner all winter. It’s just so delicious and so wonderfully quick and easy to make, plus the leftovers seem to get more and more amazing as each hour goes by.


6. Asian-style Risotto

Recipe by BOSH! duo Henry Firth and Ian Theasby

Henry & Ian say: This recipe is a team favourite from our Healthy Vegan BOSH! book. It’s full of greens so it’s incredibly healthy, it has loads of crunch from the toasted seeds and the risotto itself is deliciously creamy. We cook this all the time, it’s truly a gorgeous dish.


7. Pumpkin Spice Latte with Salted Pumpkin Spice Syrup

Recipe by Oh She Glows

Angela from Oh She Glows says: I am obsessed with this homemade latte recipe. This syrup is a game changer, and you’ll find yourself dreaming up many ways to use it.

Review: “This is such a wonderful warming drink to have as the nights draw in! Thank you for this one, I’m looking forward to trying it with coffee in the morning!” – Emma Sarah


8. Creamy Cashew Chickpea Curry

Recipe by Madeleine Shaw

Madeleine says: This is the perfect one-pan meal to make on a Sunday and feast on all week long. I’ve made a few batches of this and chucked in the veggies I had in my fridge ready to freeze and enjoy at a later date. The cashews add a delicious creaminess whilst keeping it vegan.


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