About Blossom & Preen

Blossom & Preen is an online lifestyle destination for women, dedicated to the love of all-natural beauty, wellness, travel, personal growth and mindful living.

We aim to put the modern woman who is curious, creative and living life on her own terms at the centre of every piece of content we create, inspiring her toward living an authentic life.

Blossom & Preen is a destination of acceptance, confidence, community and growth, as well as healthy beauty and life advice, with product recommendations that are not only clean and effective, but also accessible.

Our goal is to provide a collective for women, opposing mainstream media’s stereotypes of how women ‘should’ look and how they ‘should’ be living their lives.


A Leeds, UK, native, Amanda has worked in publishing for over 15 years across the news, fashion and textile sectors. She graduated from Northumbria University in 2006 with a degree in politics and media studies, specialising in the representation and impact of body image in media and advertising for her dissertation.

Amanda’s aim for Blossom & Preen is to create a platform that helps to broaden the ideals of beauty, making women feel loved, not less.