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Moon Rituals: How To Live By The Four Phases Of The Lunar Cycle

Moon Rituals: How To Live By The Four Phases Of The Lunar Cycle

How To Live By the Four Phases of the Moon

There are times in life where everything seems ‘in flow’. Synchronicities pop up daily and we have an inner knowing that we are on our path—that we have made, and are making, the right decisions. Have you ever felt this? 

Practices such as yoga and meditation certainly create this driving force in our lives, embedding into us vital perceptions such as acceptance, gratitude and resilience. 

There is another way that we can develop more of what we need, too. By working with the moon. This is something I have been toying with since last year, after receiving Lunar Living by Kirsty Gallagher. 

The four moon cycles offer the chance to regularly check in with ourselves and refocus. Bringing ritual into our lives is a way to connect with our intuition and bring deeper meaning to our insights. It allows time for frequent reflection and connection to our goals, to bring our dreams into reality. 

So, what does each phase bring to the table, how can we connect with and digest it, and how can we bring ritual into our lives?

Rituals for the moon phases

Simply put, living by the moon is to connect to nature and her cycles. It commands not only our planet’s gravity, but also our calendars, oceans, plants, creatures and humans, too. 

For me, our watery human body is the easiest way to begin to understand the enormous impact the moon has on our well-being and our energy, just as we all happily accept the scientific notion of the moon controlling the tides. 

To begin our ‘moonlit path’ we will dive into:

  • The bi-weekly opportunities the new and full moons bring
  • The rituals to accompany your lunar living
  • The partnership of the moon and zodiac

1. New moon: Intention setting

A true time to manifest, we can use the new cycle as our new beginning each month. 

Prompts for journaling:

  • What do you want to bring into your life for the next lunar cycle?
  • What are the themes in your existence right now?
  • How have you been feeling in the days running up to the new moon?
  • What steps do you want to make in order to keep moving forward?

Oracle cards are also a wonderful way to ignite thoughts and give direction to your intentions, if you feel connected to this practice. 

Once you have set your intentions, think about a few things you can do over the next two weeks (the waxing moon) to achieve your goal. From this, write some affirmations for yourself. To expand your ritual and for deeper connectivity, you could light a candle. Say the affirmations out loud and visualise your goal. You could even draw out your vision. Whatever sits kindly with your soul. Blow out your candle to send your affirmations into the universe. 

An addition to your ritual could a sage smudge stick to cleanse your space for a new start.

2. Waxing moon

This is when it begins to appear visibly ‘bigger’ in the sky each night. It’s a two-week period leading up to the full moon—a time to bring our intentions and plans into fruition, and remain connected to our new moon intentions. 

3. Full moon: Letting go

A time to reflect on the previous two weeks, this is the midway point in the lunar cycle, and an opportunity to let go of anything holding you back from achieving your manifestations.

Prompts for journaling:

  • Are your new moon plans moving to completion?
  • Are there barriers that have stood in the way of your intentions
  • Is there anything you need to release?

Identify these, and create new affirmations for the next two weeks (the waning moon). 
A burning ceremony is another powerful option here. Write down the things you want to release on individual pieces of paper, place your hand to your heart and breathe deeply, while focusing on your words. Visualise letting them go. Burn the paper on the candle to release the unwanted elements and make space for new energy.
Health and safety alert: you’ll need a fireproof bin.

4. Waning moon

The following two-week period leads us back to the new moon, which appears to get ‘smaller’ in the night sky each evening. A wind down to complete our monthly cycle, but with the fiery force of our full moon manifestations, to make intentional and meaningful strides into our future. 

The moon and the zodiac

Just as our zodiac signs have been part of our internal illustration within our astrological make up, the moon is continually working with each of the zodiac’s energies. With an approximate 28-day cycle, it passes through each zodiac around every 2-3 days. The new moon falls in the same zodiac sign as the sun, and the full moon will always be in the opposite sign to that of the sun sign. 

True transformation happens with a deeper connection to the yearly cycle and which zodiac the moon is in during the new and full moons; when Lunar’s forces are most powerful (enter Gallagher’s moon bible for a ‘one stop shop’ of the focus areas and life themes to connect to during each moon cycle).

You can find dates for the moon phases and the relevant zodiac online here.

By using a tool such as Lunar Living as a reference to accompany the moon in the zodiac, we can bring awareness to—and harness—the impermanent zodiac energies. Connecting the moon rituals with the dynamics in play allows synergetic manifestation and living. We gain the support of the universe. We drive our goals, dreams and life to the place we desire. 

Sounds like magic, right? Gallagher calls it ‘moon magic’, and I totally agree. Life is, after all, pretty magic. A quote featured early on in Lunar Living is from my favourite childhood story book, Roald Dahl’s The Minpins

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it

Roald Dahl

I think it sums this up perfectly. 

Recommended resources

Here are a few more amazing publications and tools to consider, continuing the journey to living with the moon and the energies of the universe… 

The Magic of I

Incredible journals and planners to ignite direction for moon manifestation and journaling, and deeper education into astrology.

Cosmic Health: Unlock Your Healing Magic with Astrology, Positive Psychology, and Integrative Wellness
By Jennifer Racioppi

For a deeper delve into astrology and the cosmic forces connecting mind, body and spirit. 

Night Sky Almanac: A Stargazer’s Guide to 2021
By Storm Dunlop & Wil Tirion

Discover the events that light up the sky at night, and continue your connection to the moon and the phases ahead. 

Moon Gardening: Ancient and Natural Ways To Grow Healthier, Tasty Food
By John Harris & Jim Rickards

Allow your garden to reap the same benefits as you, and learn how to plant and grow with the support of the moon as the surface water on Earth fluctuates just as the tides do.

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