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The Best Self-Care Podcasts To Boost Your Self-Esteem

The Best Self-Care Podcasts To Boost Your Self-Esteem

Sometimes you need a friend in your ear. So what better than an uplifting podcast that will boost your self-esteem and encourage you to expand your mind, love your body and nourish your soul?

Read on for our favourite shows that revolve around honest conversations. We cover personal development, body positivity, mental health, work-life balance and mindfulness.

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

The host of this podcast needs no introduction. Oprah Winfrey does what she does best–draws out valuable, interesting insight from interesting people. She inspires us to ask and answer life’s big questions for a more meaningful life. Oprah interviews thought-leaders, bestselling authors, spiritual luminaries, as well as health and wellness experts to help bring us one step closer to our best selves.

iWeigh with Jameela Jamil

We love Jameela’s zero-bullshit approach to setting the world to rights. And we adore her passion for helping people to feel seen and heard. What started as an Instagram page to try and create a safe and inclusive space on social media, iWeigh is now a movement. For the podcast, Jameela challenges society’s definition of self worth through weight. She speaks to performers, activists, influencers and more about their own ‘shame stories’ to find where their personal value truly lies.

Happy Place

Happy Place is a warm, uniting hug that sees Fearne Cotton delve into mindfulness and what happiness means to different people. Featuring intimate chats with a wide range of celebrities, Fearne gives listeners a rare insight into topics such as mental health in the public eye. She highlights humanity and reminds us that celebrities face a lot of the same obstacles that the average person does. This podcast is a relatable, positive, comforting force that we could all do with a little bit more of.

How To Fail With Elizabeth Day

There’s a reason why journalist and author Elizabeth Day’s podcast resonates with so many. Each week, Elizabeth asks a well-known guest what they class to be their three failures in life. And how they’ve helped to shape who they are today. Proving there’s no one route to ‘success’, this no-holds-barred podcast is raw, hilarious and downright reassuring.

The Imposters Club

A podcast that aims to help us fight the voice in our heads that can often tell us we’re not good enough. The Imposters Club is brought to you every other Monday by 30-something best friends Sinéad Kennedy Krebs and Melissa Murdock. We don’t know them, but after listening to this we certainly feel like we do. The pair discuss how Imposter Syndrome affects us in a variety of relatable situations including relationships, leadership opportunities and even finances.

Feel Better Live More podcast

Feel Better Live More

We were hooked on this podcast as soon as we listened the episode How to Achieve Anything You Want in Life. Well-known and highly respected author and GP Dr Rangan Chatterjee is the kind of medical professional you want in your life. Feel Better Live More, which covers physical, emotional and spiritual health, breaks down healthy living into simple, digestible steps and hacks via interviews with leading researchers and wellbeing experts.

Expanded with Lacy Phillips

Lacy Phillips is a global manifestation expert and speaker. She specialises in unblocking subconscious beliefs of unworthiness while expanding into alignment with our highest desires. For Expanded, Lacy shares authentic stories of those within the wellness industry on how they got to where they are today. She provides tangible tools that will allow you to perfect your own manifestations. Lacy also touches on every aspect of wellness by interviewing nutritionists, teachers of meditation, holistic beauty practitioners, and more.

The Minimalists

Based on the premise of ‘less is more’, The Minimalists is hosted by two childhood best friends. Who also happen to be former six-figure salary founders. It cleverly brings minimalism into every life area, from finances through exercise to family dilemmas, and leans on the advice of many experts for extra authority. There’s a reason it’s been downloaded 50 million times. And it’s not just because of the brilliant theme tune…

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

If you’re already happy, Gretchen Rubin wants you to be happier. Gretchen is a speaker, blogger and author of bestsellers The Happiness Project and Better Than BeforeIn this podcast, Gretchen and her TV writer and producer sister, Elizabeth Craft, bring practical and manageable advice on good habits and how to live a happier life. New episodes are available every Monday, so you can say goodbye to any Monday blues.

What are your favourite podcasts?

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